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SDIAIC (San Diego Imperial Area Institutional Committee), in harmony with Tradition 9, and as a part of San Diego Imperial Area Assembly of Alcoholics Anonymous, provides local AA members with the opportunity to carry the AA message and AA General Service Conference approved literature into institutions.

INSTITUTIONS are places where men and women are confined for medical, mental, corrective or rehabilitative purposes. Institutions include hospitals, jails and detoxification centers.

SDIAIC Members enter institutions as invited guests ever mindful of Tradition 6, "...such cooperation ought never go so far as affiliation or endorsement..." Anyone in AA can become an SDIAIC member by attending an Orientation Meeting on the 3rd  Sunday or the 3rd Thursday of each month. The monthly Business Meeting is held after the Orientation Meeting on Sunday. Membership is maintained by attending at least one Business Meeting every three months. SDIAIC assumes responsibility only for members or panels held by its members.
Held the third Sunday of each
month at noon
5150 Kearney Mesa Rd.
San Diego, CA  92111

Follows the third Sunday Orientation

2017 Meeting Schedule

Held the third Thursday of each
month at 7 PM
Central Office
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